Revive your engineering career by learning digital marketing

Only 7% of engineering graduates land a job after graduating from an engineering degree.

Do you see yourself as one among the 93%? If yes, this article is exactly for you.

Do these India Today’s statistics raise a concern about your future as an engineer?

Does the fear of not clearing the interview rounds of a big MNC keep you awake at night?

Are you under the impression that an engineering degree and digital marketing are different career paths that cannot come together?

Let’s break down these myths and slash your fears right now!

Engineers and Digital Marketing

  1. Digital marketing and an Engineer’s technical skills:

You worked hard to learn programming skills and attain software proficiency to kickstart your engineering career, but the current employment scene seems bleak and gloomy?

In such a scenario, digital marketing is the best option you can find to apply your technical skills.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are useful tools that digital marketers use to deliver projects effectively, especially when it comes to SEO, Google Analytics, etc.

So, the technical skills you have gained during your engineering are an advantage if you consider a career in digital marketing.

  1. Digital marketing and an Engineer
    on a job hunt:

Are you feeling left behind while a few of your classmates are bagging their very first job via campus placements?
Digital marketing can sustain your expenses while you pursue your search for the right job. You don’t have to be unemployed till you find the job you desire.

With digital marketing, you might as well make a good earning during the wait time.

  1. Digital marketing and an unhappy Engineer:

You enrolled in an engineering course but mid-way realized that you don’t enjoy it!
If this is you, digital marketing can rescue you from a lifetime of unhappiness being stuck in the wrong job role.

The best option for you is to skill-up with digital marketing skills while you complete your engineering course. So, you can combine both skill sets (Digital Marketing + Engineering) and position yourself as a double-threat while you are heading towards a successful career in digital marketing.

  1. Digital marketing and an Engineer who needs to earn right away:

Popular job portal, Indeed, cites the average pay of an engineer in India is currently ₹16,821.

Do you have financial commitments to fulfil once you graduate from your engineering course? An educational loan perhaps? And the pay you are offered is insufficient to meet your financial needs?

Consider digital marketing as a career (full-time, part-time, or a side-hustle), to compensate for the insufficient funds.

  1. Digital marketing and an Engineer with average grades:

You are required to have a minimum percentage of 75% at least or a GPA >7.0 to bag a high paying job.

Are you lacking in this criterion?

Combine the skills you have learnt during your engineering course with digital marketing skills (which you can learn!) to earn as much as your engineering colleagues are getting paid.

  1. Digital marketing and an Engineer’s fear:

Some of the fears and frustrations that engineers are seen expressing include :
 No job at hand when I graduate

  Placement in a non-engineering role

  Low pay

  Unhappy with the job placement

  Moving to a big city

The fears and frustration that engineers deal with are more now due to the over surge of engineers released into the market each year.

But, by learning digital marketing skills while pursuing engineering or soon after your engineering course, you can overcome most of these fears and frustrations.

Want to discuss how you can overcome your fears and frustrations with digital marketing?

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Where can you learn these much sought-after digital marketing skills?

Let’s look at a few learning options that are available for you to choose from –
Option 1: An online course with pre-recorded videos.

Option 2: A digital marketing institute that trains you in a sit-and-learn setup.

Option 3: A digital marketing agency that offers live-sessions training you with firsthand information/best practices gained by working with clients.

And the best option would be? Option 3!

It is a wise choice to make, as practising specialists always come through as better teachers as opposed to trainers.

Where can you find a digital marketing agency that is open to train engineering graduates? There’s one right here!

Brizzo Academy

Brizzo Digital is a digital marketing agency that caters to the marketing needs of clients (both international and local).

The digital marketing experts at Brizzo Digital have come together to set up an academy that teaches digital marketing to those interested in a unique format of learning – 100% live interactive sessions.

Brizzo Academy’s personalised Introductory Digital Marketing Course for Engineers is just what you need to overcome your fears, breathe confidence into yourself, and cling to the hope of a great career.

Why is this the best digital marketing course for engineers?

 Get trained via live sessions conducted online with limited participants in order to facilitate better learning and individual attention.

 Get trained by a pro in digital marketing, a doer, who knows what the current-age clients need. Moreover, a digital marketing specialist can guide you as to how you can kick-start your career by sharing proven best practices that will get you the success you desire in this field.

 The course duration is 15 days – just right for a busy engineering student. You can pursue the course in tandem with your engineering course.

 Get direct feedback from the trainer on the assignments you submit during the course. This is bound to give you a nudge forward in terms of both skills and confidence.

 Get a certificate from Brizzo Academy.

 Enrol yourself in a power-packed 22-hours course with case studies and examples from experts in digital marketing at ₹6,000.

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